The purpose of prayer is (a) to recognize God's presence, (b) to be transformed through surrendering to God's lordship and (c) to experience union with God.

The trick, then, is not to get God to answer me during that prayer time, but rather to allow God to teach me how to perceive the answers that have been around me all along. That is what prayer does. It disposes me to hear God's voice in the ordinary moments of my day. When I pray, therefore, I should not ask "God, give me a sign," but rather, "God, give me sight," because this is what I really lack.

In the earlier stages of my prayer life, my concern is what comes out of my prayer. In this final stage, my concern is who comes out of my prayer.

To reach for God is to reach God.

以上、すべて "Armchair Mystic: Easing Into Contemplative Prayer" (Mark E. Thibodeaux, SJ)より。

Even the desire to pray is prayer. (David Benner)